The Unusual Suspects
I just got word that I booked a supporting role in The Unusual Suspects on Investigation Discovery. I’ll be playing Texas Ranger Jim Holland in Episode #701 – Murder In The Mirror. As soon as I have an air date, you can be sure I’ll blab about it here. Read more – ‘The Unusual Suspects’.
A Lead Role on The Murder Book
I just booked a lead role as Detective Kenny Mack on The Murder Book, a new series on Investigation Discovery. Same network and casting director as Unusual Suspects. Feels like I have a small toe in the door over there. Look for me in Episode: #104-Whispers From The Woods. Read more – ‘A Lead Role on The Murder Book’.
New Representation
I am beside myself with excitement to announce that Corey Kotler at 310 Models & Talent is now representing me both theatrically and commercially!  The ink on the contract is still wet and I already have several awesome auditions lined up. Read more – ‘New Representation’.
Want my advice?
It’s been 5 years since my doctor told me I was overweight. Since then, I’ve lost around 25 pounds of fat and built 15 pounds of muscle. It’s been a long and satisfying road. I feel and look better now than I have at any other point in my life. For me the “secret” was […] Read more – ‘Want my advice?’.
Diet Overview
I break my foods into two categories: quick and make-ahead. I keep my pantry stocked with a handful of staples that I can cook up in 15 minutes or less. My make-ahead recipes are oriented around one or two protein sources that I buy in bulk. I scale my recipes for between 14-20 servings, and […] Read more – ‘Diet Overview’.